Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Underwriter?

Stewart Title Guaranty Company offers personalized service, industry expertise and customized solutions for virtually any type of real estate transaction. Virtual Underwriter was created by Stewart to make it easier for you to find the reference materials you need to successfully complete your closings. Learn more by watching the tutorial video.

What are the benefits of Virtual Underwriter?

With Virtual Underwriter (VU), you have access to the information needed to underwrite a real estate transaction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about VU.

Where do I find the ALTA Forms?

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) Forms are located in the Forms section of VU, under the organizational heading, ALTA. View all ALTA forms.

How do I search for a document within a list?

From the home page, access the list you wish to view by clicking on the link to the applicable section. Use the pull-down menu in the left-hand navigation bar to select a subtopic. After the page has loaded, use CTRL + F to search for a document within the screen.

Which title insurance policy endorsements are available in my state?

An endorsement is an amendment or modification to a title insurance policy. Endorsements cannot be issued except in connection with a title insurance policy. There are land title association endorsements, such as the ALTA and CLTA endorsements, and endorsements filed by rating bureaus or promulgated in other states. Stewart Title Guaranty Company has an array of endorsements available to both owners and lenders.

To find out which endorsements are available in your state, access the Forms section from the VU home page. Use the left-hand, pull-down menu to select the state you wish to view. The list of available forms will appear on the right. View all Forms.

How can I find underwriting updates and general updates for my state?

Stewart Bulletins provide updates and information on topics of current interest, including underwriting guidelines and general procedures. Stewart Bulletins are organized into the following categories: National, Multi-State, and State-Specific. National Bulletins apply nationwide. Multi-State and State-Specific Bulletins apply to multiple states and single states, respectively. View Stewart’s recent bulletins.